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The production and supply of steel materials, as its core business, is of strategic importance to the development of Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. With the awareness, Jiangsu Sheye Metal has defined its value proposition as ‘good quality metal materials at incredibly low prices’ and its marketing strategy as ‘Good quality speaks louder than good advertisement’.

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Jiangsu Sheye Metal Company, Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that focuses mainly on the area of steel materials, supported by outsourcing services. Founded in 2006, Jiangsu Sheye Metal is headquartered in Changzhou World Trade Center, with its five processing factories located in Luoyang Wujin, Wuxi Jiangsu, Taizhou Jiangsu, Wenzhou Zhejiang and Lishui Zhejiang respectively. The cover area of all these factories amounts to 120000meters roughly.


We know that stainless steel is of excellent quality and characteristics, it is because of its quality, so that its application has become more and more widely, and in the global scope of stainless steel production and demand has been continued to grow the trend.
Did not notice before, but recently found some commonly used stainless steel parts, there are many of the use of stainless steel profiles through the bending process to obtain, we can see the ability to pull bending is still very strong.
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