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317L Stainless Steel Used in Medicine

Jiangsu Sheye Metal Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2017
Source: SheyeMetal

The chemical composition of 317L stainless steel is listed: 0.018 mass% C, 3.17 mass% Mo, 0.008 mass% S, 18.93 mass% Cr, 13.82 mass% Ni, balance mass% Fe.

In the field of medicine, 317L stainless steel is widely used in inner fastening parts transplanted into human body in surgery operation. The quality of the parts directly affects the health of the patients. Therefore, the quality of the parts attracts attention of people in all fields. Because of the special environment in human body, passivation treatment is required in the production of 317L stainless steel used in medicine. Suitable amount of K2Cr2O7 can be added into the passivation solution of nitric acid to strengthen the passivation effect of 317L stainless steel used in medicine.

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