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Analysis of Austenitic Stainless Steels (AISI 303 and AISI 316Ti)

Jiangsu Sheye Metal Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017
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The chemical composition of 303 stainless steel is listed: 0.047 wt.% C, 2.0 wt.% Mn, 0.584 wt.% Si, 0.0323 wt.% P , 0.252 wt.% S, 17.4 wt.% Cr, 7.95 wt.% Ni, balance wt.% Fe.

The chemical composition of 316Ti stainless steel is listed: 0.0172 wt.% C, 1.69 wt.% Mn, 0.622 wt.% Si, 0.0302 wt.% P , 0.0218 wt.% S, 1.93 wt.% Mo , 16.9 wt.% Cr, 10.3 wt.% Ni, 0.144 wt.% Ti, balance wt.% Fe.

 Material selection is usually based on available data obtained through experimental investigation of particular material. Materials taken into the consideration are AISI 303 and AISI 316Ti for which ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and modulus of elasticity have been experimentally determined at room and elevated temperatures. It can be noticed that at the same relative stress level AISI 303 exhibits higher strain percentage than AISI 316Ti. Also, as the temperature rises, AISI 316Ti holds stable strain percentage growth when compared to AISI 303. 

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