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The Calculation Formula of Weight to Various Kinds of Steel

Jiangsu Sheye Metal Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2016
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Calculation Formula of Steel Bar, Steel Pipe, Steel Plate

Num.1---Deformed Steel Bar

Formula: Diameter(mm)*Diameter(mm)*0.00617*Length(m)

Example: Deformed steel bar--- φ20mm(Diameter)*12m(Length)

Calculation: 20*20*0.00617*12=29.616Kg


Num.2---Steel Pipe

Formula: (OD-WT)*WT(mm)*0.02466*Length(m);

Example: Steel pipe---114mm(OD)*4mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: (114-4)*4*0.02466*6=65.102Kg


Num.3---Steel Round Bar

Formula: Diameter(mm)*Diameter(mm)*0.00617*Length(m)

Example: Steel Round Bar---φ20mm(Diameter)*6m(Length)

Calculation: 20*20*0.00617*6=14.808Kg


Num.4---Steel Square Bar

Formula: Edge Width(mm)* Edge Width(mm)*0.00785*Length(m)

Example: Steel Square Bar---50mm(Edge Width)*6m(Length)

Calculation: 50*50*0.00785*6=117.75Kg


Num.5---Steel Flat bar

Formula: Edge Width(mm)*WT(mm)*0.00785*Length(m)

Example: Steel Flat bar --- 50mm(Edge Width)*5.0mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: 50*5*0.00785*6=11.775Kg


Num.6---Steel Hexagonal Bar

Formula: Edge Diameter(mm)* Edge Diameter(mm)*0.00068*Length(m)

Example: Steel Hexagonal Bar --- 50mm(Edge Diameter)*6m(Length)

Calculation: 50*50*0.00068*6=102Kg


Num.7---Steel plate

Formula: Length(m)*Width(m)*WT(mm)*7.85

Example: Steel plate --- 6m(Length)*1.51m(Width)*9.75mm(WT)

Calculation: 6*1.51*9.75*7.85=693.43Kg


Num.8---Equal Angle Steel

Formula: Edge Width(mm)*WT(mm)*0.015*Length(m)

Example: Equal Angle Steel --- 50mm(Edge Width)* 50mm(Edge Width)*5mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: 50*5*0.015*6=22.5Kg


Num.9---Unequal Angle Steel

Formula: (Edge Width(mm)+ Edge Width(mm))*WT(mm)*0.0076*Length(m)

Example: Unequal Angle Steel --- 100mm(Edge Width)* 80mm(Edge Width)*8mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: (100+80)*8*0.0076*6=65.67Kg


Other Non-ferrous Metal

Num.10---Brass Pipe

Formula: (OD-WT)*WT(mm)*0.0267*Length(m);

Example: Brass Pipe ---20mm(OD)*1.5mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: (20-1.5)*1.5*0.0267*6=4.446Kg


Num.11---Copper Pipe

Formula: (OD-WT)*WT(mm)*0.02796*Length(m);

Example: Copper Pipe ---20mm(OD)*1.5mm(WT)*6m(Length)

Calculation: (20-1.5)*1.5*0.02796*6=4.655Kg


Num.12---Aluminum plate

Formula: Length(m)*Width(m)*WT(mm)*2.96

Example: Steel plate --- 3m(Length)*1m(Width)*2.5mm(WT)

Calculation: 3*1*2.5*2.96=22.2Kg


Num.13---Brass Plate, Copper Plate, Zinc Plate, Lead Plate

Proportion: Brass Plate(8.5), Copper Plate(8.9), Zinc Plate(7.2), Lead Plate(11.37)

Calculation: Proportion*WT(mm)=Weight per square(Kg)

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