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TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe In 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” | Sheye Metal
Jiangsu Sheye Metal Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

TP316Ti stainless steel seamless pipes, also called as 1.4571 stainless steel pipe, has good corrosion resistance to low content of hydrochloric and organic acids. We can manufacture 316Ti stainless pipe strictly according to ASTM A312 standard.

TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe 2.jpg

TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

The available sizes what we can supply ranges from 6.0mm to 1219mm in outside diameter. The length can reach up to 18m, and the most common length is 5.8m, 6.0m, 11.8m, 12m. As a leading TP316Ti seamless stainless steel pipe manufacturer, we can cut the pipe into your specified length. 316Ti stainless steel seamless pipes are stocked in 1/8” to 16”. Wall thickness includes Sch.5S/Sch.10S/Sch.40S/Sch.80S/Sch.160.

ASTM A312 TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe 1in. 2in..jpg

ASTM A312 TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe 1in. 2in.

A customer from Mexico placed an order of 50 tons of TP316Ti seamless stainless steel pipes to us. The sizes include 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and Sch40s. All pipes are packed upon customer’s request, and marks should include package no., quantity, specification, net weight, and gross weight.

TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe.jpg

TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

About metal, we are serious.

TP316Ti Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

Size: T.: OD: 6.0 ~ 1219mm; WT: 0.5 ~ 100mm; Length: 5.8m, 6m, 11.8m, 12m, Max.18m

Contact Person: Sharon Shen

Email: s.sharon@syemetal.com

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