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Jiangsu Sheye Metal employs a range of industry leading techniques to manufacture different stainless steel products. Our experience and innovative approach to product development enable us to find groundbreaking new solutions.

   Optional Processing for Stainless Tube and Pipe

    Heat Treatment


    Outer Surface Brushing

    Inner and Outer Surface Mirror Polishing

    Stainless Tubes Individually sleeved

    Bead Rolling or Weld Seam Removing

    Cut to Length

    Customer Defined Marking

    Customer Defined Tolerances

    Welding Position (Box Sections)


    Special Package

 Optional Processing for Stainless Bar and Profile   

Grinding (Centreless Grinding)    

Polishing (Grit320, Grit600, Grit800)    


Cut to Length    

Customer Defined Marking    

Customer Defined Tolerances    

Special Package   

   Optional Processing for Stainless Coil and Sheet

    Cut to exact weight (for Stainless Steel Coil)

    Finish Processing (2B, BA, 8K, 6K, Mirror Finished, No.1,No.2, No.3, No.4, Hair Line, Brushing)

    Coated with PVC/PE (White and Black, Blue, Green, Transparent)

    Cut to Width and Length


    Cut to Specified Shape according to drawing

    Special Package

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